Big chains cost big money

Some chains boast about having dozens of attractive chapels all over the place. This is convenient if you need a chapel nearby, but you will be paying for all those expensive overheads whether you use them or not. If you only want a Single Service at the local crematorium, then you will save a minimum of several hundred dollars by not going to one of these big chains.

There are now so many other crematorium chapels and private chapels and churches available to hire for funerals, that many of the lower cost companies genuinely prefer to maintain only a single chapel – or even only a simple viewing room – then hire superb chapels, only when needed, and pass the subsequent savings to you.

We have lost count of the times we have hired one of the dozens of lovely wedding venues around Melbourne, often literally across the road from one of the big corporate funeral chapels: where we can have access to bigger and nicer gardens, and much, much better catering. That way we can do at least as good a service, and usually for half the cost you would pay the corporate player across the road!