Choosing the coffin or casket

One of the most confusing choices is from a bewildering array of coffins and caskets, at an astonishing range of prices. (Technically, coffins are tapering shapes, from wide shoulders to narrow feet, while caskets have parallel sides.)

Be sure of what is included in your quote, as many funeral directors hope to make up a low service fee with a high priced coffin.

Display coffin - Version 2.jpgThis is one end of Amity's coffin/casket display room. (With a variety of cardboard, chipboard and solid wood coffins shown at the sides, and a couple of big American style caskets in the middle).

The most basic coffins are cardboard or wicker and 'environmentally friendly' (considerably better for the environment than particleboard glues), and these are what Amity prefers to use for cremation.

As an alternative, or for burials, we offer a range of craftwood coffins with various DAP (laminated), or veneered finishes, or even solid timber coffins and caskets if that is prefereable.

But there are a variety of more exotic alternatives. From linen or silk shrouds (burial only), to untreated pine or felted wool coffins, to all metal caskets.

High quality timber or metal coffins and caskets can climb astronomically in price, until the ridiculous heights of real gold plating!

Virtually anything can be ordered these days, and the price you might pay can be virtually anything too. We can source most of the designs offered by the big corporate chains for you, usually for 40-50% less than they are quoting.