Planning for the inevitable

“Thank you for arranging my husband’s funeral, your kind and straightforward manner made things very easy for us”

The day (or night) that a close relative dies is not usually the best time to have to worry about which funeral director to call, or for what level of service.

Too many people at such a time find themselves vaguely remembering a television or radio advertisement naming one of the big (and expensive) American style corporations, and accepting whatever is offered: regardless of its suitability or price.

Often these big corporations insist on a standard 'all inclusive' package, that charges for far more than the family really wants.

In fact many families finish up paying for lots of unnecessary extra's they do not use.

Many families come to regret their spur of the moment choices later.

This website outlines some basic information that you might find helpful.

The decisions you will need to consider in include:

  • Cremation or Burial?
  • Full-service, Single Service, or Unattended Funeral?
  • Which funeral director fits your needs?
  • Preferably before you start ringing companies.