Pre-Arranging or pre-paying a funeral

The day (or night) that a close relative dies is not ususally the best time to be wondering

which funeral director to call. Recognising this, many hospitals and nursing homes now require that new residents list an undertaker who can be contacted should death occur.

This encourages families to pre-arrange the funeral, and decide exactly what they will require, and how much they willing to pay for it, thus avoiding stress later.

Some funeral companies pressure people to prepay the funeral as well, but we recommend that you get financial advice first.

Do not prepay if death is imminent, because legal registration fees will just add unnecessary costs.

(Note - ASIC generally recommends against funeral inurance plans, which often cost far more over time than pre-paying.)

Contact us on 1800 650 211 to pre-arrange a funeral. If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you who can.