Excess services are a waste of money

All funerals take lots of preparation work – arrangement, transfers of the deceased, collecting and preparing medical and legal certificates, preparation of the deceased and their coffin or casket, time spent booking chapels or newspaper notices or flowers, etc – that simply cannot be avoided. These are time consuming, often require lots of running around, and are an unavoidable part of the service fees you will pay.

At the risk of repetition though, if the actual funeral service only requires two staff in a hearse to meet you at the local crematorium with all the correct legal documents, and you plan to drive yourself there and home again, you should not be paying a ‘Full Service’ price.

Too many companies still automatically charge for a Full Service that includes allocation for the actual funeral of four staff in three vehicles for several hours (say 15 vehicle hours and 20 man hours), when what you get is two staff in one vehicle (for a total of 3 vehicle hours and 5 or 6 man hours). Any Full Service options you don’t take just improve their profit margin without giving the client any useful return whatsoever.

Ensure that you are only paying for what you need.