Choosing the type of service

There are several types of funeral service, and they vary in costs enormously. Some funeral directors offer you choices, but many do not. So is important to decide exactly what you want, and make sure you get it. It is also vital to get more than one quote.

Remember that the big names (ie: those who spend millions on advertising) may offer excellent service, but are unlikely to offer the cheapest service in their class. The very best service may be from old style low-key family companies.

The very best price will probably be from Amity.

A ‘full-service’ funeral assumes that you will require viewings of the deceased, rosaries the night before, church services followed by cemetery services, cars the chief mourners,and a host of small but valuable incidental services.

Most big companies offer this service automatically. (And many are more than happy to enjoy any additional profit they make should you not require one of these options, rather than offering you a discount instead!)

A ‘single service’ funeral means that you only want a service at the crematorium chapel. (Or sometimes at another chapel, and the deceased will be delivered to the crematorium later.)

Most American style corporate chains have a large number of their own chapels scattered around to facilitate this approach, but any funeral company can access wedding and function chapels (usually with bigger and better gardens, and much, much better catering) all over Melbourne if your family would like a service close to home.

Amity can usually hire a wedding chapel, often right across the road from one of the big corporate funeral company chapels, for a much lower cost to a family.

Did we mention the catering will be far better?

The ‘no attendance’ funerals are where the funeral director collects the deceased and delivers them for cremation with nobody attending the service.

This is becoming popular with some people who hold memorial services later. Most companies offer such a service, though many do not advertise it.

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